This is a Doctor Who blog run by some pretty nerdy fellows, both who, together, create some pretty out there theories based off of the events that unfold in each episode of Doctor Who...which often get out of hand. Last series, we conjured these theories on our other blogs and built them together, this year we have decided to fully join together and document the new series and try to imagine where it is going with each episode. Essentially, this is a Doctor Who blog documenting how it messes with our heads.

Posts will be made by the tumblrs SwamiSwampy and BrokenTripod (BT), both of whom love all The Doctors, but are very big fans of Eleven.

This is also a place for you to share your thoughts and ask us Doctor Who questions as well, since we are always learning more and more about this amazingly fantastical show.




The new Doctor Who intro for series 8 was inspired by the above fan-made video, in case you were wondering where the gears and clock and such things were inspired.

It’s different, it’s new, it’s Who.

The Fields of Trenzalore - The Question


Yay fanfiction??? I’m making up things based on casting and hints from the show. There’s like a fanfic form that should be filled out or something but I don’t know what that is.

Summary: Leading up to the question.

Series: 7?

Characters: Eleven, Clara, Rose, Tentwo

TW: My first proper fanfic written over the span of a few hours and basically reasons why I shouldn’t be a head writer for Doctor Who.

~~~The Fields of Trenzalore - The Question~~~

The Doctor, Eleven, stands alone in the fields of Trenzalore. He is cold, alone, without his bowtie, sonic screwdriver, or his TARDIS. Without anything familiar, the Doctor feels more alone than he’s felt in a long time.


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Not really a theory. It’s fanfiction/a prediction of what may be to come.

My Theory on Clara!


We know Oswin was a Dalek…


And we assume she died…


But what if she didn’t? What if she lived and eventually went insane and became the Dalek Emperor? The one at the Game Station.


And then Rose Bad Wolfed her ass.


But because she was Rose…


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The Rings of Akhaten - A backstory and a bit of made up explanation for the Parasite/Old God.


I type too much and at some point (I note it) I start making up things because why not.

The episode doesn’t explain the parasite-sun-planet-god very well, which is probably my biggest complaint about the episode. It’s led to some confusion because I’ve seen a bunch of comments about it being a star/the sun of the system.

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~~~Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara “Oswin” Oswald, Oswin Oswald~~~


Because why not attempt making up something based on the information we have so far? Note that this isn’t complete and is entirely theory.

This is really confusing because I say Clara and Oswin and Oswald a lot.

~~~Clara Oswin Oswald, Clara “Oswin” Oswald, Oswin Oswald~~~

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The Bells of Saint John - Responses


This is a response I made elsewhere with vague titles above the sections so you have an idea of what I’m talking about.

I’ve decided to […] attempt to make up things from this point onwards. And I’m attempting to organize things because I’m dumb.

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Anonymous asked
Jenny as Joan of Arc? Possibly...just a suggestion though :)

I post entirely too much for you to say this and for me to understand.

Right now I’m thinking of Officer Jenny since I posted something related to Pokemon this morning (I think?) which involved multiple Officer Jennys.

None of which was Joan of Arc?


Jenny from Doctor Who. As Joan of Arc.

Sure, that’s certainly possible. Hopefully she figures a way out of that whole situation that isn’t in the history books.

Doctor Who: Why the Doctor is so fascinated with Clara


I’ve made a point not to go scouring for opinions about Clara, but some will always inevitably end up on my dashboard or I’ll find myself sleepily drifting towards things.

But a lot of people are comparing Clara to River or Rory or other companions who have died and come back.

This isn’t the reason the Doctor is so interested in Clara or why Clara isn’t possible. These people died. And came back. They continued being themselves. They just came back to life. There were usually reasons for why they came back to life.

Clara was two different people at two different points in history who died in two completely different ways who apparently has similar mannerisms (making souffles) and the same last words (“Run, you clever boy…and remember”). I say two different people because she’s buried at the end of The Snowmen and presumably not dug up and she turned into a Dalek and exploded in Asylum of the Daleks.

This isn’t a companion who the Doctor picks up and adventures with and then cries about when they die. If they come back, the Doctor is relieved and glad they came back again. Then they die again. And the Doctor is a mess.

Clara is the companion the Doctor meets, then has an adventure with. If she dies, then she dies and the Doctor might find her again, another Clara that has no memory of her travels with the Doctor but is essentially the same person in a different time. Why are there multiple Claras in the universe? No one knows yet. But the Doctor is off to find his THIRD distinct Clara Oswin Oswald. He doesn’t know if there are more of her or if this is the last one or if one dying puts another one in the universe.

She doesn’t make sense.